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This holy plant also known as our beloved God- Shiva’s Prasad has been a part of our planet even before humans existed. This is a plant which grows out of the Mother Earth ( Can’t believe I have to write this as this is the basic difference between “drugs” and this “plant”). In 2017 over 14 countries have legalised this plant on the basis of its medicinal properties but India, the land which is known to use this from the beginning of its civilisation ( read VEDAS- Ayurveda) and also offer it to its Gods. But has prohibited it because of a proven psychopath in the world history-NIXON A US President infamous for many of his actions.

It is really sad to see the mankind( read- pharmaceuticals/ MNCs, etc.) is so busy minting money by selling and injecting us with slow poison that anything that harms their existence needs to be seized and label as hazardous where in it’s the other way round. For ages they have mixed real chemicals and drugs in our food, water, clothes and every other material and yet they call that one simple plant a threat to humanity !

The truth is- this is the only plant that can save the planet Earth and its earthlings from being destroyed and becoming extinct! The prohibition of something that existed even before we were placed on this planet itself is a joke on various levels. Now to become specific to our country where Ganja is used by lakhs of sadhu, sages and holy men directly makes them all CRIMINALS. Yes you heard me right! The people most Indians are scared to rub on the wrong side as they are said to be the catalysts of higher energies, as per Government’s eyes due to this law are labelled criminals because this holy plant falls under schedule 1 drug even now !!

To make it clear- Schedule 1 drug basically stands for substances which have no medicinal values and only damages your system. There you go- have a good laugh and then continue reading this article. Cannabis before the prohibition which basically started from US was used as one of the primary ” medicine” for everything from fever, labour pains to surgery.

Coming back to 2017- We have enough data, researches and patients from around the world who were/ are suffering from VARIOUS DISEASES/AILMENTS like cancer, seizures, epilepsy, tuberculosis ,leprosy to name a few and have not just benefited but also been cured in thousands and lakhs of cases. Being diagnosed with one of the above a few years back I got a first hand experience of what these pharmaceuticals are exactly doing to us. One month of failed allopathy, immense pain and unable to move my neck due to the particles being in my lymph node(swelling increasing a bit every week INSPITE OF MY MEDICATIONS) I already gave up on life thinking if they too can’t treat me/ heal me I am definitely going to die!

This made me go back to a habit I had controlled for sometime of smoking cannabis for recreational purposes. I vaguely remembered how it used to ease my body pain during such smoking sessions before I was diagnosed with anything, mainly during my menstrual cycle or for random body aches etc as it uses to relaxes my muscles and eased the pain out. Though honestly I never went researching back then why does this happen. But as my allopathic medication was not doing anything to ease it either I resorted back to cannabis.

To my amazement within a week of smoking it I saw a visible reduction in my pain and a slight movement in my neck, I continued my medication for another 2 weeks along with cannabis smoking and I could see the difference already. But I also noticed I was still dull, slow, still unable to have a proper conversation without stammering and forgetting( somethings which had started post my medication and not the disease itself) . As an experiment on myself I stopped my medications completely and switched to cannabis for a month, smoking 3-5 joints a day to see what it does without the medication inside my system.

That was the last time I also had those disastrous medications( it was suppose to be a year long course). Within a few days my swelling started to reduce and my body started to feel normal. I was able to not just move my neck but also felt better, ate, and finally could process conversations like earlier instead of not being able to understand half of it !

TWO years and am healthier than ever, all of this by smoking the food of our Gods. Due to financial difficulties I could not afford flying to a country where the oil was legal and unfortunately in our country I did not have access to people who could help me here( let me again remind you – because it is prohibited!!). Now as per my own observation I could have died of something which was EASILY CURABLE BY THIS PLANT but I had no access to it because the government has still not updated their research logs.

I am just a single drop of water in the ocean of the treated & healed patients of this magical plant! But let me tell you this plant can do a lot more than just saving lives by medicating- this is also the best alternate for plastic, gasoline, cement, cotton and is a super nutritional food(for a country where kids are dying every hour due to malnutrition), fibre(to create cloth and cover the bodies of us mortals), cement( hemp cement is more strong and leaves no carbon footprints), WAIT FOR THE BEST ONE – bio fuel!

With every passing day the prices of fuel is going higher and it’s emission into our atmosphere is making the entire planet not just sick but also leading us towards global warming which would finally mean the end of us all. It’s yet not late to turn to our scriptures for answers which have mentioned the powers of this “herb“. India is known to be a county of multiple climate zones, and guess what- it is also apt to grow different strains of cannabis from Kashmir to Kozikode and Nagaland to Maharashtra.

“Kohinoor of herbs” will not only save the patients and decrease their suffering but also revamp the country’s economy giving it the much needed boost and upper hand in creating its own hemp industry and generating employment for the unemployed, increasing the hospitality tourism( today most prefer cannabis treatment over allopathy for diseases due to the benefits-THEY KNOW!),lesser to no carbon footprints, own self sufficient bio-fuel industry and a conscious effort of leaving the planet better and greener for the next generations.Get all the information about the plant!

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